Specializing In:

Civil Construction

for the Energy

and resource sector

Earth and Energy Construction delivers civil construction services to the energy and resource sector across Western Canada.

What We Do

We constantly increase our knowledge base and consistently refine the skills of every employee throughout our operations, maintaining our position as a recognized leader in the Industry. Relying on our vast experience in a variety of civil engineering disciplines, Earth and Energy has developed an intrinsic understanding of the complex construction and long-term maintenance of industrial facilities.

Earth and Energy Construction maintains the ability to marshal our logistic and manpower resources on a wide range of projects across Western Canada.

Our Services

experienced crews;

quality workmanship

Job Openings

At Earth and Energy Construction we are always growing and looking for dedicated people who wish to further their careers in civil construction. We welcome you to join our join and feel free to apply or email us with a resume. No matter where the project is located, and our approach to subcontracting is always in the best interest of the project’s success.

Community & Partnerships

Earth and Energy Construction Ltd. Is proud to contribute to the growth of a vital industry. With every project we construct, Earth and Energy always ensures the development of healthy communities, and we conduct our business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Earth and Energy Construction understands the value of strong, lasting relationships with local communities and strives to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. Earth and Energy’s Parent Company has contracted and partnered with many local and Aboriginal companies throughout Western Canada and formed lasting business relationships along the way.