Earth and Energy Construction is dedicated to maintaining the utmost standards of health, safety and environmental protection, on each and every project, every single day. We want our employees to return home healthy and safe at the conclusion of each work day, and we want to ensure our activities have a minimal effect on the environment. Earth and Energy Construction observes our Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE MS), which serves as an underpinning to create an incident and injury-free culture – what we’ve called our “Road to Zero.” The HSE MS is comprised of four vital steps for a continuous improvement cycle:

To further solidify our pledge to our journey down the “Road to Zero,” at a minimum we keep one or more National Construction Safety Officers (NCSO) on-staff at all Earth and Energy Construction locations, to support operations with implementation and constant improvement with the HSE MS on all projects.

Our meticulous work in the area of health and safety has been noted both by our clients and by regulatory agencies through numerous official safety awards. We strive for perfection and settle for nothing less.

All employees are responsible for contributing and participating in Earth and Energy Construction’s incident and injury-free culture by studying the HSE MS and its related preventative and protective safeguards. Every task, no matter how crucial or how routine it may be, is to be done safely. Earth and Energy continually solicits feedback from the workforce in building a safer workplace. The Earth and Energy Construction Vision Card Program was designed to provide and influence a proactive, safe work environment and culture by implementing a system for workers reflecting positive behaviour, performance, attitude and reporting.

In addition to the HSE MS, Earth and Energy Construction also holds its provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta. The COR is a crucial regulatory document demonstrating that an employer has a formal health and safety management system that is up to established standards. Maintaining a COR requires finishing a yearly internal audit, and a more thorough external audit once every three years.

Yet Earth and Energy’s dedication to HSE goes far beyond our projects. Our employees are regularly involved in regional safety committees, such as Construction Associations (ACSA, SCSA), Industrial Occupational Safety and Health Council (IOSH) (formerly Alberta Petro-Chemical Safety Council), Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA), Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) and eagerly partake in the Certified Business Continuity Professional Institute (CBCP).

Our diligent work in the area of health and safety has been recognized both

by our clients and by regulatory agencies through various official safety awards.